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Google Search Idiosyncrasy?

Bud Tierney

I'll search some engine,truck/etc company name and get a bunch of hits...
If there's one like 19teens-20s Power wagon (trucking magazine) or Cycle & Automobile Trade journal, or a reference book on googlebooks I'll often see other things on those hits that I want to go back and check later...
But when I re-search my original search name, maybe a couple days later, or weeks, I don't always get the same hits!!!
It happens often enough I carefully note my search name, so I know I'm not searching a subtly different name...
Is this normal with Google???

Dale Barnett

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Welcome to GOOGLE.
In my eyes it is the biggest tracker and space hog every built.

Craig A

Staff member
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Results change as the number of hits per web page change.
I can't imagine the types of searches you do looking for obscure engine data are exactly the hot spots of the internet but that is one reason your results will vary.
I know I have searched using very specific queries and have wound up with very different results too so....... :confused: