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Google search issues


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When I do almost any Google search these days and then try to click on a search result, my computer kind of stalls for a bit as the internet address is looked for but then, it changes the address that it is searching for and lands me onto one of a number of generic search sites having nothing to do with the page I wanted.

I can access only the cached pages. This is a recent development but has made it hard to find anything.

Do I have a bug or is this normal. Has anyone encountered this and have a solution?

Just thought I'd give you folks a try at solving. Thanks for any thoughts.

Craig A

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If you are using IE try clicking on TOOLS, Internet options; and on the general tab click on "change search defaults"; select or add YOUR preference and disable all the others.


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Kide, I've had the same problem. But when I get my search results I copy and paste the address at the bottom of the search result into the search box and it goes right to the site. (make sence?) Mark:shrug:

Trevor A Cole

You have what is called "jumping" or diverting. Google shows ways of fixing it but they didn't work for me. A shop fixed mine and it was what they call a root virus. All good now.
The Trev