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Governor help


Need some help with setting up the governor on a Miller big 40 with a Continental motor. The motor is a 4 cylinder flat head F163 with a gear driven governor. The only numbers I see on the governor are F600S and below that is 4540. I have no manuals on the governor.I am rebuilding the tired motor and would like to set this up correctly. So if anyone can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


You can find manuals off the Miller website and download them or contact a Miller service rep in your area. I don't know how well the Miller manuals are on Continental but might also find better instructions for the governor on the Lincoln or Wisconsin Motors (also Continental) sites they have downloadable manuals too. Bill's and Stumpf's I'll add links for have exchange governors and parts too.




Flat Head Continental - L Head Overhaul & Quick Reference downloads:



Thank you Dempster. I looked at all the links and I did find information that should help me get the job done. Thanks again I really appreciate the help.:salute: