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Grease Cup Grease


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Re: Grease cup grease

Dale; I use the same grease that I use in the grease gun. In most cases the grease cups were used so one could grease equipment. faster and more often, just turn the cup a 1/4 turn and that was a lot easer then trying to get a grease gun into most of the places where grease cups where used. I see you are at Hilbert, Wis. I to am from Wis. and not to far from you. I was raised at Adell,Wis, (Sheboygan Co.) But live in Acworth, Georgia now, For the last 50 years. I have been on Smok Stak since 2009 that was when I became the owner of a ( 1925 Allis Chalmers Model " L " ) tractor that used to belong to my dad. He brought the tractor in 1947 when I was 7. You can find me on parrie tractors under ( Allis Chalmers Model " E ' Modifide ) Check my profile Roger Weinhold AKA Charlie 1925 Take care and have fun on all your projects. :salute:

Andy Williams

Re: Grease cup grease

I have 3 old cans of grease probably from the 50s, or before they are thick one is kind of fiberous, (wolfs head), others amalie and pennzoil this type seems to work better than newer thinner grease. not sure but probably the kind these engines were made for.


I still have a metal can of cup grease I bought over 40 years ago at a Grand Auto store in Vallejo California. I use to have a lot of pre 1963 Chevy's with 216, 235 and 261 six cylinder engines that a a grease cup on the distributor.