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Great Rough & Tumble Show Again This Year

Frank DeWitt

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I enjoyed another great Show at Rough & Tumble. They are heavy on steam, heavy on old engines, heavy on tractors,, and heavy on garden tractors.

Besides the rows of steam traction engines running all over the place there was a couple of steam rollers, a steam fire engine pumper, and a couple of Stanly steamers.

BTW I have often heard that they don't do much with old engines. among the hundreds of engines at the show are the oldest running gas engine in north America and the oldest running diesel in north America.

Even God seemed to like the show. It rained on the way to the show. As I backed my display into position the rain stopped. There was no rain at all for the show, but it rained on our way home.

BTW I received a friendly greeting and a free gate pass when we pulled in. Registered my butt buggy with no hassle, and enjoyed the free coffee and donuts every morning for exhibitors. There is a lady in charge of the small engine section who greeted us like old friends when we arrived. When we left she asked us to pull over and get out of the car so she could give us a hug.

Andrew Mackey

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Re: Great show again this year

Unfortunately, I had issues with the radiator in my truck. I missed both R&T and the Hudson Valley shows:rant: Damn cheap plastic and aluminum crap! They want $300 for a replacement, and radiator sealant won't fix it. Nobody makes a brass and copper radiator anymore, just cheap Chinese junk :bonk: :rant: GRRRRR

Did anyone take photos or video of these 2 shows?