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Greetings From Central Illinois

Sonny Reese

Hi!---I am Sonny.I had to give up farming because of spinal degradation and 3 operations left me in poor condition. I currently grow a giant garden to take the ole' mind off the pain and wife and I store, can ,and freeze garden produce for winter use. I was on the farm my whole life and having to quit was a shock. I still have the equipment and its all old stuff (quite of an assortment)(pre-1980's, some from the 50's & 60's)
I have made several smaller implements to help me garden too(I cut up old stuff and make whatever I need in the line of garden sized machinery.

This is a pic of me leaning on the cart of 50+ pound each squash that we grew last year. (patch total was over 11,000 pounds. thanks; sonny


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Welcome to the message boards from southeast Iowa! Good to see another fellow mid-westerner on here.



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Greetings from west central!:wave: Wow! Those are some impressive squash! Looks like you know what you are doing for sure.:eek: