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GX 3000 Digital Inverter/Generator

simon a

HI there,
Can anyone help me please.
I have a GX 3000 Digital Inverter Generator that was working fine.
I had it running and it was generating power and then it stopped generating power although the motor was still running.
Each time I start it up, it runs fine but does not generate any power.
This is anew generator and has only had about 10 hours running on it.
Can anyone give me any help on this please.


I don't have a GX3000 to open up and have never seen one other than in pictures online. However a few things for you to check.
Open it up and find the 3-phase AC output from the alternator. Confirm you have voltage from each coil while the engine is running. Next move on to the 3-phase rectifiers. Engine off and use an ohmmeter to test each of the six diodes. The output of the diodes will be a high voltage DC that feeds the inverter board. If everything is good this far you need to troubleshoot the inverter.

It's more difficult to be generic on the inverter. Ther board should use SCRs or triacs in the output stage. Check the gate on the SCRs to ensure you have a trigger signal. Make sure the input DC power is available. Look through the wiring, circuit breakers, and so on for any loose or broken connections. There are nasty voltages inside, so watch your fingers.

If you have a schematic diagram or other information I can try to get more specific, but for now it's just go in and look for broken or otherwise damaged components as you trace the DC supply and inverter circuitry.

simon a

Hi Warren,
Thanks for your advice,
I have checked the 3 phase AC output wires and have 50 volts coming out of each one, I am not able to check the diodes as the whole inverter board is in a block of black epoxy material.
You can see what the board looks like from this forum site http://www.motorhomemagazine.com/boards/Index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/15131645/srt/pa/print/true/pging/1/page/628.cfm
If you could give me any other suggestions or how to test it further it would be much appreciated.


Having 50 volts at each output sounds ok. I have no idea what it should be but since all three are the same and not zero chances are it may be good.

If you want any chance of repairing the board you need to get rid of the epoxy. Since it isn't working you don't have to worry about breaking it. Carefully pry it out of the enclosure and use a heat gun on the epoxy. It will turn soft and brittle and can be chipped away fairly easily.

When you have the board exposed it will allow you to visually inspect and test the components.