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Halloween get together

Don Selmer

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Special thanks go out to Bonnie and Jason Dahm and all the volunteers today for putting on this get together. Plenty of good food and conversation. Sometimes it even got a little deep LOL. Got to meet and talk with some new people in the hobby.

Jason Dahm

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Thanks, Don,
We're always glad to have the "last" hurrah of the year in these parts and very grateful for all of the exhibiting participants! After over 20 years we'll do it again! We hope everyone had as good of a time as we did! Jason

Kevin O. Pulver

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I've never got to meet you Jason. But I think of you every time I start my 12 horse Hercules/Champion log splitter engine. You sold me a 28-inch clutch pulley for it some 15 years old years ago. Thanks again!