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Hamilton's Lighthouse


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I've always had a certain crazy romantic fascination with lighthouses, never lived on the coast, so who knows, maybe something in the genes:). About 20 years ago the GSA had one for sale on the great lakes, it was on an island, most of which was owned by a wealthy estate. Was not a real tall lighthouse, and included the keepers house, a small 1.5 story affair made of stone. Keepers house was a disaster on interior, and desperately in need of a roof, property was 5 acres iirc, with a small bay for landing, elsewhere on island was a private airstrip. I had dreams of buying a big pontoon party boat and using it to haul supplies and workers out to the island while it was repaired:D. A similar dreamer from california beat me out of it, don't think she ever did anything with it, some years later she was trying to trade it for a dutch barge, I was shopping barges and saw the ad:D. Not sure what ever happened to it, memory is saying goose island, but google keeps sending me to goose island lighthouse in Australia.

Found it, Galloo Island http://lighthouse.boatnerd.com/gallery/Ontario/GallooIsland.htm

More info http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ny/county/jefferson/hounsfield/galloolight.html

And the person that bought it, is still trying to sell it, and according to this article has never even been to it https://www.watertowndailytimes.com/news03/owners-of-former-us-coast-guard-lighthouse-on-galloo-island-file-petition-over-easement-dispute-20181014
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