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Hand Chainsaw!


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I ran across this pic looking for some saw parts. Thought you all might get a chuckle out of it. Allie


I like oldstuff

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#1 reminds when I was selling saws. (cuts better if you make engine noises as you use it.)

Some that picked up a chain that we sharpened came back mad saying it wouldn't cut worth a sh*t. Looking at the chain the drive links would be all beat up. Well, you put the chain on backwards that's why. A few would get really mad as we wouldn't give them a new chain.


We sold a chainsaw a while back to a guy that just had a few trees to "trim up". the next day he was back with the saw claiming it didn't cut worth a damn, and it was very heavy and hard to use.

We took him and the saw to the wood pile out back to test it and see what was going on.

Two pulls of the rope and the saw started right up.

What's that sound? he says


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Reminds me of a customer we had at a shop I used to work at.
Brought his weed whacker in for repairs, I rebuilt the carb, test ran it, and gave him a call it was done.
He picks it up and comes back a half hour later, slams it on the counter mad as heck! He says I just paid to have this fixed, it don't even start!!! I turn on the kill switch and it started first pull.
He says what the hell, you turn the switch on? He says he always puts it away with the switch on so its ready to go! I just laughed....


"He says he always puts it away with the switch on so its ready to go!"

I was taught that same thing 50 years ago. I didn't do that on customer's equipment, but my stuff is most always on.