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Harley-Davidson WLA ride at Denton Farm Park


Here's some video I took at the AMCA Southern National at Denton Farm Park in May. My bike is a 1944 WLA that went to Russia under the Lend Lease program. I got it back to the US in 2003 and restored it. I'm heading back to Denton this weekend for the Old Thresher's Reunion.

Kevin in Wilmington

Dan Baalman

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My first Harley was a 42WLA. Got it for free in 1969 from a farmer who said it wouldn't run. Took about an hour to get it going. Fun old bike. Saw 9 brand new ones and 7 XA's in a salvage motorcycle shop in Denver in 1970. All in the crates, $750.00 for wl's and $950.00 for the xa's. Being a college boy who was putting himself through school, they were out of my range of finances. Man to go back today.