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Harris engine parts needed

Holt 45

Hi All. Today I brought home a 1920 Harris 25-30 horse engine. I’m needing a couple rocker arms and a water pump. It’s also missing the fan gear and the idler gear that drives the fan gear. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Bud Tierney

Some things you've probably already done and/or are doing (but you never know)...
Mining the archives here for other Harris engine owners, and contacting them directly in case they didn't see your inquiry or pehap've stopped following the site...
Based in Stockton and Tracy, you should inquire around those areas for any local Harris club or group that my be exchanging info and/or sympathy...the local Historical Societies and Pub Lib business files are good places to start...
Your 25-30 is apparantly their Type D if not so marked on the engine (exhale; that's the sum total of my knowledge)...
My apologies if I'm belaboring the obvious here...

Holt 45

Thanks Bud, I appreciate it. I hadn’t dug around much in the archives here at all, but plan to. I don’t suppose there are too many Harris engines kicking around. I don’t necessarily need the water pump or fan drive, and I can build rocker arms, but it would be great to find some original parts.

Thanks again for the pointers


I have a 25-30 that I finished about 2 weeks ago. I has about 10 hours run time on it now. I can send pictures if I have an email address to send them to. More importantly, I have 1/2 of a parts engine, which may have parts you could use or use as a pattern to make new ones. Sorry, I don't have the skills to attach photos to this post.