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Hart parr 12-24 tractor


garry brown

I just started restoring a Hart Parr that I've had for several years. The cooling fan and shaft are driven by a friction pulley that contacts the flywheel. The friction material is shot and needs to be rebuilt. Does anyone have a good idea for the material that I should use. Some suggest stacks of conveyer belting, masonite, paper or cardboard. What was the original material used and what will work now.?

Dave Preuhs

Garry, I use masonite on mine and it works fine. The original was paper, just like the paper pulleys on threshers, some tractors, etc. I use 1/4 in. masonite and cut them out in a rough, oversize shape then you will need to take it to a machinist to have it cut down to the proper angle and size.

Will get back to you soon on the paint code.

garry brown

Thanks Dave. I,m sure I'll have other questions and the need for Hart Parr suppliers as this project moves along.

Craig A

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If you are going that far I strongly recommend changing the self aligning double row ball bearings in the fan shaft too.
With a wound out engine (800 rpms) that shaft turns VERY fast........ :eek:
The bearings are still readily available. The last ones I bought were made by SKF as I recall.
I assume you already have the shaft out......if not it IS a PIA to remove....... :O

rob hart parr

Hi the Self alining bearings they are in mm, and when you look in the old partsbook, you can see that the numbers of the bearing are still the same on this time

Greetings Rob Hart Parr