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Hart Parr 15-30 Carburetor Parts

Grey Roots 2

I am looking for a source for the needle, seat, and float for the carburetor of our 1922 Hart Parr 15-30 tractor. We believe it is a Schebler carburetor model D. On the side of it, is the #DX245. Any help will be appreciated. We are located in Owen Sound Ontario.
Thank you

Craig A

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Re: Hart Parr 15-30 carburator parts

Rather than move your thread I copied it to the Antique Steel Wheel Tractors - Old Iron Lugs and Cleats forum so check that forum as well for suggestions.


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Re: Hart Parr 15-30 carburator parts

The "seat" is the body of the carburetor. The needle and float should be available. I don't have a listing for the 245 but Don Hoover knows a lot about the Hart Parr carbs. 712-838-4853
Re: Hart Parr 1020 carburator parts

Does anybody know where I can source an air valve assembly for my Hart Par 1020 carburettor please? (size DX245) .