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Hart Parr


Anyone have a recommended Dupont Centari Pait Code for Hart Parr green (1920's vintage). Thanks! :)

Rod L

Try Dave Preuhs' website www.geocities.com/hartparrtractors/ Dave lists paint numbers for the 1920's Hart-Parrs, at the very least it'll give you a number to cross reference. I did notice Dave changed his number from the time I bought my paint, going to a somewhat darker blue-ish green. I've seen Hart-Parrs painted a variety of shades, but it doesn't really matter, as the originals varied quite a bit. Just for fun, I put all my original painted parts (many never having been on a tractor) together, and NONE matched! The colors ranged from the dark blue green, right up to light John Deere type green. Replacement parts on a Hart-Parr must have been easy to spot, as they surely wouldn't have matched the rest of the tractor.