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Have NHMA shot themselves in the foot with the new tractor pull rules ?

Scotty 2

When discussing the club with some members I was asked what engines I had. The reaction to my preference of engine pretty much sealed the deal for me as in my choice not to join.
Hello all
That's a shame for yourself and Dobbo. There are plenty of clubs about who would really appreciate your membership no matter what engines you have or don't have. You'll just have to find those clubs.
One great thing about been a member of a club and attending rallies is meeting and re-meeting some bonza people. I wouldn't mind not taking engines to rallies as they're basically for our amusement. I would mind not seeing those bonza people I've met over the few years I've been in the hobby. I think I've made some good friends.
Lately I've been tending to take 'common' engines to rallies as these are the engines most people in the crowd can relate to and tell stories about. I really enjoy the many personal stories. If anyone from a club chipped me about taking 'common' engines I'd tell them where I could shove that common engine.

Funny story about the last 'common' engine I took to a rally. It was a Lister D that wasn't even that old or unique. It was a plain Jane 1955 model. Funny thing was it never ran all week-end. The reason it didn't run was because a part was stripped out of it to allow a beautifully restored Crossley to have a run. The owner of the Crossley insisted I should run the Lister and let the Crossley sit for the week-end. It was this attitude that wanted me to figuratively throw the part at him so his Crossley could run. It was well worth it to watch that Crossley running I reckon.

Cheers Scott
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Hi Engineman 8
Glad to hear it isn't just me that thinks that about the local club. We should get together one day as the hunter Daryl club! 🤣😂😄.
Will have to work on she who must be obeyed, and see if we can fit in Allora next year! But for now 14 days at the van fishing, might even fit in a drive to see Cobba. 🤗👌


Well you both would be welcomed at our Macksville club and asScotty said once your a member of a club you can go to the rallies of your choice.
CYA on Sunday Dobbo


When you are at a Vintage tractor pull and the cowboys with their GM powered tractors with straight out exhausts start pulling and you see the crowd leave the track fence covering their ears and taking their children away from the noise it makes sense to have the standard exhaust system fitted to these tractors. All the guidelines states is the tractors must have standard exhausts systems. there are noise issues here that worksafe are seriously looking at.
Well said Norm, there has to be a line in the sand SOMEWHERE because what might be common sense for most people is ridiculous overkill to some outliers who would do stuff dangerously without even thinking about it. You can either try to sensibly fit in with the realities of insurance and such as it is in the modern world, or gnash your teeth and do nothing. (though of course there's such a thing as overkill)

I had to explain to GJ that the two foot long manifold/side exhaust on his Wallis was actually DANGEROUSLY loud for anyone standing on that side, as opposed to merely loud like a normal tractor that you can happily stand next to without suffering hearing damage in 2 minutes.


JV is on the right track, 'guidelines' etc.
the / any Association is only doing a bare minimum by compiling and regularly reviewing such guidelines,
which are a responsible part of attempting to be a representative body for many and various clubs.
such Associations will always the meat in the sandwich between government and clubs, and insurers.

Only the individual Clubs which actually run any shows can make specific rules and enforce them.
It is to be expected that nobody / noclub would be legally allowed to make rules contrary to government laws etc.

on the other hand, there is no reason why a club running a tractorpull cannot have there own rules about that,
for the sake of being similar to other such events, have 'common / standard' classes of machines 'competing',
and also 'uncommon / non-standard' classes, surely that is a simple win-win solution?

re noise, there are 2 separate issues,
A= danger to operators - one easy solution is earmuffs etc.
B= danger to public - another easy solution is have noisy events further away eg 50 meters from fence.
this allows much noise to be made, and decibel meters at the fence will soon tell us if we are far enough away.

While we mainly think of insurance being to protect ourselves from being sued for damages by injuries to the public,
some insurance also covers us members for personal injury,
and therefore it is to be expected the insurance company expects us to take care of ourselves.

personally I find it strange in this land of contant bushfires there is no mention of spark arrestors,
not often 'standard' but in some places were a legal requirement,
therefore if not an actual requirement, ought to at least be allowed within any other sets of rules.

cheers Rod.vokes-pfm1957nov.jpg

Scotty 2

I can see the day when top fueled dragsters have eight Massey Ferguson mufflers sticking out of them.
No need for the Fergy mufflers. They'll all end up battery powered and charged via USB port.

What a lot of people forget is that people usually have the knowledge and the ability to walk away from things they think are not good for them ie too loud. Would I walk through a firing range? Nope. My brains tell me it's not a good idea. Walk away.
If a noise is too loud then walk away. I wished I had the same option when some tosser is parked next to me at the traffic lights with doof, doof pumping out at 3,000,000 decibels. They even have competitions for loudness.
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My club
Hi All
Oh well suppose the HAPPY POLICE had to get their fingers into everybodies fun!
As a newby to this pastime, and reading the comments in this post have dampened my enthusiasm in joining a club. I did look into joining a club in the Hunter area (as I live in Lake Macquarie), just after Steamfeast I attended a meeting of said club, after 3 hours of indecision, bickering and the all mighty politics, I decided not to get involved, plus the snided remarkes about me having as my first engine, a IHC 3hp M, guess they are not a kosher engine in this club.
Last year I attended Steamfeast (probably my last), Quirindi, Wauchope vintage truck show ( where I met Cobbadog) and the rusty iron rally Macksville, the last three of these rallies impressed me, the fellowship and politeness to talk to someone new into the pastime was very enlightening.
Oh well suppose I will start a club like Daryl's.
Enough rambling.
Cheers Dobbo
G'day Dobbo, You can come to the Sydney Club's "Clarendon Classic" in September even without club membership. We offer casual event insurance for a small fee at registration, with much better cover than most others.


I'm not saying that it is or it isn't, but I think the muffler situation may be related to noise pollution and possibly the EPA. :unsure:
Our club has had a run in with the "bureaucrats" re a noisy engine.
FYI "It's an old engine, it blows smoke and makes noise" is not a valid reason.

"All to do with interpretations and definitions"
If I may...
Having been in an industry for 35 years that has seen me in various (legal but mostly Coroner's) courts more than you've had hot dinners, this is what was "drummed" into me and what I passed on to the "newbies"

Are not rules
They are not Law
They can not be enforced
You can not be charged for breaching them
They provide credible information for those who want to know what is a safe level and manner of operation.
(in simple English, they are a guide for the experienced and a safety net for the fools, i.e. If you don't know or you're not confident with what you're doing, following the guideline(s) will hopefully keep you out of trouble.

In amongst any guidelines the definitions of 3 words (Legal gobblededook, mumbo jumbo) needs to be understood;
May = an optional course of action. A choice to act or not, or a promise of a possibility
Must = A legal directive/requirement that must be complied with
Should = A recommended course of action. A direction but does not mean mandatory

Whether this info is of any benefit to you, I don't know, but I thought I'd put it out there

Ummmm , from the NHMA secertary report
Upon completion of the renewal process, all member clubs are required to adhere to the guiding principles and safety guidelines set in place by the NHMA – the governing body of our hobby.
Adhere definition: If you adhere to a rule or agreement , you act in the way that it says you should.
So the "guidlines " not shall be followed .MUST be followed


NHMA covers clubs in all states and territories, each of which has its own and often inconsistent laws and regulations that may apply. As stated, NHMA's safety guidelines are guiding principles, and have no standing in law. But they serve the movement as a standard of safe practice for member clubs (as well as those outside NHMA).
What they really serve to do is define the limits of insurance provided. An incident that occurs outside the guidelines could be expected to receive little sympathy. Hearing loss for example could be attributed to a tractor with no muffler, hence the recent inclusion of standard mufflers in the guidelines so there can be no liability in this area.