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Heinrici hot-air engines


A parlor of the Victorian Age decorated with a hot-air ventilating fan, -gramophone, -toys and a hot-air driven saloon fountain of those days is currently displayed during a Stirling Memorial Exhibition at Oelsnitz Mining Museum, Germany (see www.stirlingmaier.com).
Although about 50 of my hot-air engines are presented there, some were not due to different reasons. I thought some engine enthusiasts might be interested to see what's left "at home".
Here are some Heinrici models: An engine type HM 210 design with simplified crank-and-countercrank linkage, a HL type with attached tank for cooling water, a HLP model with valveless water pump next to a GHD pumper of same 40mm bore, and a 30mm HA type, water-cooled(!).


Don Selmer

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Gerd, As you already know I just bought one like what's in your first picture. Was there such a thing as a standard "original" cooling tower being it's thermo-siphoned or did the buyer assume that task to provide their own cooling such as running water, cooling tank? Also I noticed there seems to be a quite a bit of color variations for these engines, is that also the owners choice or maybe they've been painted by other previous owners. Was there a standard color prevalent? :shrug: Curious minds would like to know?

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
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Don, your engine we talk about is the 45mm-Heinrici model "HM210" formerly owned by a collector in the Southwest. Engine # is 101256, follower in production of my own HM210. Rare crank-and-countercrank linkage.
In my series of (digital) books "Hot Air Engines Compendium" in volumes comp-05A and comp-05B I wrote just 546pages about nothing but Heinrici hot-air engines. Eight pages (#457 to 464) relate exclusively to the HM210 model. Anything I could find out about Heinrici engines within more than 50 years of collecting and research are documented there. Including copies of all Heinrici catalogues known to date. Well with one source missing - A 1898 edition relating to Heinrici turntable models - but it will be presented in the supplement volume, "comp-12" in ca. 2022.
Your problem, as far as I know is that you don't have a computer with a harddrive to bring images and textes (in English and German) of the CDs to a monitor screen. But your local copyshop could print all pages (CD-file "print-all.pdf") within just one click. In b/w or full color, depending on your pettycash.
Keep in mind that all this information is free. It takes me about 3,000 hours to compile such a digital book. Because it's my Hobby. So you pay only a small amount to my helper for buying, printing and sending the disks.