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Help Crosby, ND Celebrate Its 50th Show

Hi all,

What a weekend at Crosby. I got to see old friends and meet new friends. I got to re-meet Luke and I got to meet Mr. Willikers.

I didn't get a lot of pictures, I will share what I have.

Some wonder about the future of our hobby. Some of the folks in the picture below are the future, and they are great guys.


Dean is attending the engine, Cole is at the controls. Larry and Nick are along side.


Running and starting to pull out. The rest of us stood off to the side.

I spent most of my time near the Blue Brake.


We were getting the 40-70 Flour City belted up.


A view showing the set up. Owen has the pry bar in hand ready to move the front of the Brake if adjustment is needed.

We didn't give this tractor a full pull. We gave it some load, warmed it up and listened to it run. We gave the sheet to John T, I think we went into the mid-40's for horsepower. The tractor didn't run out of power, that is all the load that was asked for.

Jerry Christiansen
Hi all,

We got to belt the 40hp stationary Case engine to the Brake.

Belting a stationary engine is always interesting. The person on the seat of the tractor cannot see the alignment.


Dean is looking at the alignment and giving directions. I don't know the name of the tractor driver or the gentleman on the far right. Cole and Nick are helping steer the engine.


When we got close to lined up, we started the engine and warmed it up a bit.


The belt is on, the engine is running. We are close. Cody, the young fellow in the orange t-shirt is another future of our hobby.


I got on the tractor that anchored the Blue Brake to take this picture. This is pretty close to my view of most engines on the Brake.


A shot from the side.


A closer shot of the engine. Notice the well painted belt pulley. We only got up to around 32hp on this unit. Then the belt started to slip on the engine pulley. If you want your engine to pull well, always paint the pulley. A good wax job will probably help, too. :brows:

Jerry Christiansen

G Willikers

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Mr. Christiansen,
Thank you for what you do. Your brake demonstrations are always a must see. It is interesting to hear the engines and tractors put through their paces.
You carry on the tradition of Mr. Rixman, and do it very well.

Ed Bays

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Also, a special thanks to all who set up and made the fix'ins for the bean and brat supper. It was a wonderful meet and greet get together.

Larry G. :D
Larry, didn't realize that you had edited your post after our private messages. Hopefully with your approval, here's a part of my reply to you....

"Most of the credit goes to Brenda and her new friend Lisa Folstad. They prepared the beans and brats. The corn was supplied by a gentleman from Missouri (his name eludes me at the moment...sorry), and "boiler cooked" by Glen Stomp and company, with daughter, Bonnie, handling the registration and name tags. "LukeSte" supplied, as well as served, the cakes and the Sorum family provided the building and Coca-Cola. Kathy (nee Tysse) and Dean Lemer helped serve. Also, we certainly shouldn't forget the Historical Society for footing the bill. Mostly all I did was logistics, but this did keep me busy for the majority of two days. From getting propane to fixing the grill to operating a forklift to move picnic tables and picking up groceries, it was an enjoyable task for all involved. Time will tell if there will be a "Second Annual Bean Feed". Thanks for your kind words.

Remember: It's the machinery that brings you there, but it's the people that keep you coming back!"

Now that the discussion of the "Stars of the Show" has slowed, what did everyone think of the the Bean Feed/Meet and Greet??? Did you meet any new folks?

Larry G.

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Ed,Thank you for your message.I didn't know everyone who organized the bean and brat supper but I knew you were one of them.The name tags helped to get to know everyone there. You are so right,it's the people that bring the show together and keep you coming back.

Larry G. :wave:

G Willikers

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Kevin R. and Glyn O.invited me to the bean fed. It was excellent. Can't say I met anyone new, but had good chats with olde friends.
I have a batch of pics just taken around the horseshoe of tractors. Many will be similar to what others have posted but they might as well go on here over the next while.