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Help Crosby, ND Celebrate Its 50th Show

Wayne Riedlinger

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My brother and I were there,we looked and watched everyone starting them. It seems like I walked about a hundred miles aday because my feet were almost killing me at the end of the day.

G Willikers

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Looking back at all the pictures on the previous pages, I recall something we talked about over supper at the camper (bbq'd pork cutlets with potatoes/onions, also veggies and cherry pie). There were all those magnificent tractors at the show, but the people in attendance also represented an amazing number of tractors in their own collections. It was a remarkable gathering in so many ways.
Not to forget the steam engines, gas engines, and all the other artifacts.
Thank you to Mr. Tysse, the other exhibitors,and all the amazing volunteers who made it happen. I do believe it was near the top of the experiences I have had in my lifetime. Amazing!



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Looks like the show had a good assortment of gas tractors.Was that a Rumely Gas Pull or a Minneapolis Universal Farm Motor in the first picture in post #260?

Jon Nessel

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Keep on rolling guys. Crusty old bugger from BC in first pic!
Tell me about it. Try traveling with him for the better part of 2 weeks!

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Was that a Rumely Gas Pull or a Minneapolis Universal Farm Motor in the first picture in post #260?
I believe it's a GasPull.


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Your so right! This was the best get together ever! We have been going there for the past 36 yrs. Each year has been great but this year they went all out! Always meet new folks from all over the globe, this year we had folks from down under and from Europe as well. Was great to finally meet folks we visit with via internet, renew old aquaintences, and always the fine folks of Crosby! It's why we keep coming back.