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Help ID garden tractor


Found garden tractor, engine is gone. Owner thinks it was a Wisconsin. It says "Homesteader" on it. I made Google search and found Allis Homesteader. It isn't this. I also found that a Homesteader that was made in Clinton Arkansas but can't find any details.
This tractor has engine in rear with with belt going to trannie/differential in front of driver. It has 2 chains from that back to rear wheels. Rear wheels are independent, no axle between them.
Any info. including kind of engine or photo appreciated


Jim Tremble

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I just did a search for Homesteader Tractor and found a bunch of info at Yesterdays Tractor Site.

Do a search there for ---

Devere-Locke Homesteader Tractor



Many questions will be answered and you can contact those that have them.

Hope it helped,



I owned one of them. Mine had an 11hp. Briggs on it. Others had 16hps. and there was even a diesel powered version. They were well built and very simple but basically useless.Dont think that many were built..maybe 1000 or so.

Its not valuable by any means. Personally i wouldnt give you 2 cents for one after owning one.

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Here is a link about the tractors.

http://members.cox.net/homesteader/Homesteader History.htm

Gary Davis

Wheelhorseman: I want to personally thank you for the added information on this tractor. You have not only helped the original poster you have also helped the rest of us with unanswered questions about the Homesteader Tractor. As I had said earlier, I had seen a few of these at shows but not a lot of information on them. Thanks alot, Gary


No problem Gary. I actually talked with one of the crearors of the tractor in Arkansas years ago. They are crude but simple and have a sleeve hitch at the rear. The one i had in the picture was purchased here in Ga. from an old man. The tractor was actually brand new and unused but had sat for years. I paid him 500.00 for it and quickly regretted it. I got it running and pawned it off on someone for 200.00 and was happy to see it go. It was probably a neat machine in a third world country but like i said not worth 2 cents to me.


What year is my tractor ?

Hello new to the site ,
I bought a Sears Roebuck tractor the other day and i can't find out the year of the tractor. The model # is 91725191. Thanks for your help.