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Help identifying an old Superior hit miss


I’ve been tasked with finding the HP rating and model of this ole girl. And the original tag is beyond reading. The flywheel is 66.375 inches in diameter with the output shaft 4.375 in diameter. The stroke is approx 14 inch and the bore is believed to be between 13-15 inches. It is liquid cooled, has air start. Also has a large clutch and belt drove that was originally paired on a concrete base. I was hoping some of you good fellas could help me nail down her credentials. Thanks in advance and have a great one fellas!


Luke Wagner

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Looks a lot like my model CA, which is 25HP. I have a different air intake, and the accessories on the sideshaft are set up slightly different.
it looks like a 25 HP it looks a lot different than than i had.

Bob Willman

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I have a 25hp Type C #23939. The 1939 National Supply Catalog lists the following data: 25hp 10.5 X 13 bore-stroke - intake pipe 4" - overall length 112.5" -- 30hp 11 X 14 - intake 4" - overall length 115.5" -- 40hp 12 X 15 - intake 6" - overall length 138.25". The catalog does not give flywheel sizes. My flywheels are 63" in diameter. Gas pipe is is 1" on 25 & 30 hp and 1.5" for the 40hp. My side shaft housing and air intake are different from yours.