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Help Identifying Electrical Gizmo


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good evening, we were cleaning out my grandpas shop this last weekend. he tinkered with small engines, tecumseh, briggs, etc... we found this gizmo there and was wondering if somebody could tell us what it is. it has a place for a mogul base light bulb the button on the side clicks when you press it. 2 red clamps for a hotside connection, 1 black clamp for a ground, and one 110 plugin ill try to get the pictures posted


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its a timing light of sorts. I've seen them but don't remember exactly how it worked. you need the 110v to fire the light and it went off and on when the points opened or closed IIRC. Been too long ago.


I am new to Smokstak. I have followed it for sometime but just recently signed up so-to-speak. The item you have reminds me of what in the vintage radio/communications restoration is called a "dim bulb tester". The dim bulb tester is basically a plug, light socket, switch and clip leads. The bulb can be switched in and out of series. Initially the bulb is in the circuit and if it is dim then probably there is not a problem with the radio or device and for normal operation the switch shorts out the bulb. In restoring vintage radios this was/is used to protect scarce power transformers while testing.


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Actually, it looks like a large room humidifier to me...

why are you holding that thing in your hand? :D