Help identifying this walk behind


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Hello all,
This is my first post here, I recently found this walk behind tractor for me and my dad to work on. We have a few gravelys and hes had a jaques frazer tractor for at least 40 years but he got extremely excited over this little guy.

Anyway it has no names on the drivetrain, but has a briggs and stratton AP engine which has good compression and a very clean carb but is missing the coil. Someone ran a wire from the points to an automotive coil and back to the plug, I dont see how this would work but maybe? Has anyone seen a conversion like this? I'll be posting trying to find the parts also.

All the tractors I can find online are belt driven, this one is shaft driven off the motor crank. The only identifying mark is on the back of the machine, it's a small diamond with an I in the middle with 2 dots or stars.

If anyone has an idea as to the identity of this machine please let me know,
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Doug Tallman

I would say it's a Page or at least Page built. The metal frame over the trans is added. Some had a tag on the top of that gearbox. Can you get some closer pics of it?