Help IDing old Eska Outboard


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Could really use help identifying this outboard. The previous owner believes it is a 3.5hp Eska, with a Tecumseh powerhead. I've searched everywhere for a model and serial number....nothing.

Additionally hoping for help with the following:

- Proper gas mix to use. Currently using 24:1
- Lower unit is leaking, so I'm hoping a seal kit is available??
- At a minimum, an ID of the power head (and carburetor)would be great, as I may need to get parts (coil, condenser, points, plug, carb rebuild kit, etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.



Try looking at parts catalog or literature for the H-35 series Tecumseh engines,]. The magnetos were usually Phelon, marked REPCO. The points,condensers and coils would sometimes also fit the small Kohler engines like the K-161 and 181.

Ed Radtke

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should be a small tag held on with a reed plate screw to ID the power head.lower unit seal should be available by dimentions from a bearing supply house such as motion industries.