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Help on Anitque Wood Planes

Sam Mendenhall

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I have twenty some antique wood planes. They are all 1800's some hand made with marks some have names and numbers. All have sharp blades, these look like they were made for or used to cut moldings or groves of all different shapes. I know little or nothing about them, I would like to contact someone to find the value. Can anyone help on who might know what these are and value. I can text or email pictures. Thanks for any help. My email address is roostercogburn85282@yahoo.com. I will try later to add pictures to this forum at a later time.


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Thanks for you message. It reminded me that I have 10 or 11 wooden planes from my great grandfather 1970's auction stored away . They have his initial's stamped on them.

Because you asked I googled "Antique wooden plane collectors".

Google has a wealth of information on the planes as well as the collector organizations.

Now I need to find out where I have mine stored away.

Let us know how you make out and please send some pictures.

Merv C

They are cabinet makers planes. Usually they are in sets of about twenty and often were in there own cabinet. They do the same jobs as modern routers and spindle molders. the old time cabinet makers were very skilled at using them.
I have some but I have no idea of their value.


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I just stumbled across one of my boxes full of them a couple weeks ago when digging out an old ignition coil for a friend.

I should have another box of them stashed away somewhere in the basement.

One set I bought at an auction 30 years or so ago, the other set which I have had for 40 plus years now, was my Grandfather's on my Mother's side of the family, and I believe the story was that he had bought from a neighbor several decades earlier.

Always had plans on using them some day making something with some of the wood I've gathered up over the years working on the Sawmill at our Threshing Show, but so far I have yet to do anything with them beyond 'collecting' them.

If nothing else, they are an interesting piece of history from 'simpler times'.



I don't have a wide ranging knowledge of these things but I do know this much. When these kinds of planes come up for sale on cragislist, if they are $10 or less apiece they sell (sometimes to me). Much more than that, the planes seem to linger. And these are planes in good, usable condition, needing no more than a tune up. I do, after all buy the things to use not stare at (although I have to admit I do end up staring at them more than anything.) I'm sure that some situations will drive the price higher, such as a matched set, some made by a special maker or something highly unusual, and of course never discount the fool with money burning a hole in his pocket. If you have a lot of these things and are serious about selling them find an appraiser who is knowledgeable in these matter to guide you. If you are just curious go with the $10 guesstimate.