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Help with Overcenter PTO Clutch (Rockford)


If this is in the wrong thread please tell me so it can be moved. General forum searches yielded no results.

Searching for a over center PTO disk clutch for my Lister Petter LT1 build 30 diesel, counter clockwise rotation hence posting in the marine section. The bell housing measured out to SAE #6 (11.25 inch) 8 bolt. The flywheel is were I run into trouble, I have a blank 1 inch PTO input shaft, 3 bolt pattern awaiting to be broached and stubbed for such a clutch.

Some vague information i can find is for the Lister Petter ST or TR marine engines with no real specs to use as a reference.


Attached is a photo of the Bell housing end of the engine. Any information will be greatly appreciated.