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Hendey Machine Co Lathe 20"x12'bed

Hi I am looking at a very large and old lathe. It has no model number on it and it is broken the power feed is not functional but the lathe seems to be ok otherwise it runs and seems smooth everything is tight and the tool rest and truck move smoothly under manuel power. The Lathe is about 14'long and 5' tall it has brass placks giving the speed info for the gear box which does not work it says hendey in several places but does not have a model number on it anywhere. I am wanting to know if it is worth getting can I get parts for the transmission? they dont want much for it they just want it gone any advise would be apreciated

J.B. Castagnos

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Is this a flat belt drive, these were known as a "Hendey tie bar" because of the bar over the pulley. Go to this site for info.


Hendey's are great lathes, I have a 12 inch gear drive. My lathe will quit feeding if the nut by the engagement handle unscrews a little, I've never had it down but i think the lever is a sort of cam that squeezes clutches, one flat on the nut will make the difference. There are usually manuals for sale on ebay. Do you need a lathe this large, do you have room for it? You can do small work on a large lathe but these old lathes are slow turning and wnt produce a nice finish on a small shaft. If it's cheap it's great to practice on.

Norm W


Log on to Practical Machinist. Hendy Man will be able to tell you the history of your lathe. The serial number is on the flat section of the ways at the tail stock end. Just post it in the Antique Machine section.

Hi I will post a picture I talked to a lathe mechanic and he seems to think that it is a sheer pin if so that would be an easy fix. As to weather I need a lathe this big the answer is no but it is cheap and boy could it do some big work I was even thinking that with a big plate I could set it up to mill Any thoughts on that ? this thing can turn something 24'' in diamiter.

Tom Kilgore

GET IT, Any old lathe is worth restoring I think, I recently got a 1937 south bend which I am restoring they are just like old engines.:wave:REGARDS TOM