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Hi from San Antonio, TX


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Howdy! I tinker around in my shop, and it seems like you guys do too.

Couple Stuart 10's I built/am building. Still need to figure out the boiler etc. The D10 is going to end up in a model steam launch, eventually. I've got the plans, but I've got plenty of projects too.
Stuart - 1.jpeg
I've been messing around with mowers this last few weeks. Rebuilding/Modifying an old greens mower etc. I assume y'all know how it goes.
Shown below, old old reel mower I'm going to get going again, and the Fiskars mower I modified to electric. It's fun, but I need to look at the wiring again to see why my battery life isn't what it should be. Something is heating up, I suspect. Anyway, glad to find the forum. :cool:(y)
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slip knot

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Welcome from the gulf coast. Lots of good folks on here and lots of knowledge. Enjoy.