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High Opening Bid


Craig Anderson

I have sold enough on eBay too. I think hairs are being split here but MY take on this is CALLING it NO RESERVE and then HAVING one sucks. When I will NOT sell for any less than a price I simply state a minimum opening bid. DONE. Nothing hidden, no EXTRA eBay fees, and everyone knows the score without being misled. Doesn't get any simpler than that. And as said before, It's MY stuff to sell, if you don't like the minimum bid, it's better sitting at your computer than wasting a weekend at a 2 day sale to bid on something you don't get anyway! Craig

Tom Marshall Jr.

Well said Craig: If a add is posted on Eng. Adds with no price no one likes it. Would any of you put your prize Engs. on eBay and hope they sell for what you thing there worth! I think not. How could it be any easier, look at the price and bid if you want it.

Bill Decker

I've listed an engine on Enginads twice, lowered the price the second time and still didn't get any offers. Next stop will no doubt be eBay. I have been fortunate enough to sell other engines on Enginads and made for some happy people. Maybe eBay will make a good last resort with a good openning bid?

Sickly Bill in NJ