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Historical paint archeology


Have a friend with a slowly rebuilding 12 hp Advance. Sadly there is hardly a lick of the original paint on it. Is there anybody out there who has researched paint colors, especially pre 1910? This engine was built in 1897, if that helps. Railroad preservation has compiled quite a bit of information on paint colors, just wondering if much has been done for steam traction.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Michael Seitz

Mike McKnight

From what I have heard Tartar Dark Red was what was used on Advance engines for the engine proper, gearing, and wheels. The black for the boiler can be a high temp black for the smokebox and smokestack, the rest of the boiler doesn’t get near as hot.
I think Dave Kemler has a pretty nice original Advance from around that time period that could probably help with the pinstriping . There are also a number of original catalogs around that would have color lithographs that could help out-but remember the artists of the time took artistic license sometimes.