Hobart GR303


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In a few weeks I will have my hands on a Ford six driven Hobart Brothers welder.

Any chance someone would have a manual I could get a copy of?

Generator hasn't been used for ten years but I was told it was working when it was laid up.

It's on its factory trailer for 500CAD

Scrap value should be atleast that if I can't get it running.



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Finally got around to fixing a Hobart GR303 spec 5404.
new fuel pump, voltage regulator, carburetor, idle control board, belts hoses, alternator, GM HEI style distributor and a few new gauges.

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Close up of the auto idle board substitution I used.
The factory board uses a negative trigger, this one uses a positive trigger. Pretty easy to change.


And the feild flash board first thing to check if welder has no output.



Pretty good old machines and very smooth in arc quality. That 200ci Ford engine is very reliable and parts are easily sourced.


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I have some salvaged parts from a GR303 as well as a copy of the manual in pdf form. This had the 170 CC Ford engine. The salvaged parts are a motor control board, a small board with diodes, and the large diodes mounted to a board between the engine and the genny. And a few resistors, etc. San Francisco CA---free to anyone who needs to rebuild their GR303! If outside my area I will pack and ship for nominal fee.
Moderators--if I'm not allowed to trade here please lmk and I'll refrain from doing so.


Those parts sound like gold for someone.!!
Not a lot of parts for these out there.
Thankfully they are pretty simple machines.