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Holley Tractor Carburetor Needle Sticking

Tracy T

Last Subscription Date
just as the title says, needle sticking in seat. seat is non servicable it is part of the carburetor. carburetor has been cleaned with a kit installed and runs fine until the needle sticks and starves it for fuel. no provision for a clip to attach it to float either. i think the viton tip is the problem. think a solid brass needle would cure it?

John Hamilton

Last Subscription Date
Have the same problem with my 1930 Packard. It started when they began putting alcohol in the gas. We have E10. If it sits at all with gas in the carb it sticks and has to be taken apart.

I use the Stabil for motorboats which makes the gas usable but the needle still sticks and carb cleaner won't free it. The carb is a Stromberg SF-3, not original but a much better carb.