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Homelite PE-75B Small Engine Generator


Hi, I did post this article in the generator section but it seems a bit difficult to find and I am looking to get the best response possible so I can find parts for the restoration of this engine, what I do now know is that it was made around 1942, it was predominantly made for the Military, it is a two stroke boxer engine.
I bought it on a whim when I saw it advertised and just plain could not resit it.
I do not know the exact capacity but would guess it to be around 400-500cc.
I found a copy of a manual but would like a genuine one even though I could not find engine specifics I the manual, just a lot of cap on how a two stroke motor works and how a generator works.
I will be needing the engine shrouds, a Carburettor and generator end covers.
I have always enjoyed small engines their simplicity ease to work on and nothing ever seems to go massively wrong forme.
Ill put some pictures for the members to take a look at. I haven't made new ones they are the ones from the add.