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Honda ES3500 Generator

Joe Romas

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There are two versions of that engine.
Mine was the older and did not have roller bearings on the rod and it went through the block when it broke, I think I paid $75 for it. The oil looked like tar and it was obvious why it blew.
At the time parts were available for the newer version but that was maybe 17 years ago.

Bought a complete ES4500 today on Craig's list for $125. Has been in storage for years but there was no gasoline in the tank thankfully.
A new project.


Well I was hoping to see where someone found parts for these ES3500s, but looks like I might have to do some creative adapting. Or does anyone know who makes adapters or clones? And yes, I know this is an old post, sorry, just hate to have this generator sitting around when it could be used.