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Horse Drawn Threshing Machine Video


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What a fine movie of the horse powered side hill combine back in its day with full crew! I did not see an engine, but the wheels looked too smooth to power the machine.


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In the video, at the very end you see a glimpse of an Avery under mount. That was the late Chris Busch from Colton WA. He had one of the very early threshing exhibits. Out there on you tube there are family home movies of that reunion. Farming the Palouse, I think. By the same author any ways.

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There are a series of early farming and threshing scenes from those hills of Wa. state, by Greg Druffel. Their a series of some of his family home movies, great watching and I thank him for letting us share them. As to the partial clip above, their part of a documentary titled TO TILL A FIELD, man & machine in the Palouse. Put out by the Wa. State University library films. later in the video the big Avery is shown at work. Those scenes were taken at the Chris Bush Place near Colton Wa. great watching.


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Those teams of horses ate up half the wheat that the thresher threshed even on there days off.


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Here is a picture of a horse drawn combine that I am trying to get to our local museum. The driver had to drive the horses, speed the engine up, engage the clutch to get the machine operating, and raise and lower the header with a lever to his right.