How many Years of Collecting?

How Many Years Have You Collected Stationary Engines?

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Chris J

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How many years have some of you guys been collecting engines? I know some of you were lucky enough to start in the 1960's when the engines were cheaper rather than in the last 10 years like I have. Well, thats all for now!

Good Luck Hunting!


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i have been collecting for 5 years or less, i have been involved in the hobby longer than that grandpa has been at it for at least 30 yrs.



I've been around engines in general for 15 years.....add 40 for the mechanical part of the family but we just started collecting about 4 years ago. Didnt even know there was this much of a wide veritey of "iron" ti'll we started going to portland.


The first show I exhibited at was in 1979, so this year is at least 30 years for me. Can hardly believe it's been that long... Time sure flies when you're having fun!


I bought my first engine in 1972 when I was 12 years old. It was a Ottawa Log Saw, hit and miss model. I've still got it!


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I've been collecting hit miss engines for less than 5 yrs but have been in antique tractors for 10 yrs



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My dad and myself started in the old iron hobby some 25 or better years ago, and like has been said, time sure flies. My son has taken into the hobby as well now and I hope someday his children will as well.



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42 years. I still have one of the first, a little Ideal with 10" flywheels. I guess it wasn't all that old when I first got it!



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I started with my first engine, (a Maytag) and a few Reo's when I was of the ripe old age of 5. I'm 36 now and still addicted.:crazy:


I'd guess I've been collecting for about 15 years. I used to buy junk and fix it up to re-sell. Then some of the stuff started to stick in my garage, then some got stuck in my brothers shed and it just keeps growing. Whenever I mention an auction my brother knows to check the air in his trailer tires because I'll be calling to borrow it. I still prefer the challenge of reviving old equipment more than the collecting. But some pieces I just can't let go of now.

Steve V.

Found the first engine along with 2 friends, a John Deere 3 H.P. in 1974. Didn't start serious collecting till a bit later.


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I was going to shows with my Mom & Dad when I was about 10 years old...1962+/-...Dresser, WI, St. Croix Falls, WI, Rice Lake, WI, Eau Claire, WI, Beldenville, WI, Melville, MN just to name a few. :uhoh:
I got my 1st engine some time in the 1980's...2¼hp Associated IOWA Oversize, which our oldest Son now has. :D I started seriously collecting in 1990. We don't have a large collection or nothing really rare, but we're VERY proud of what we have!!! ;)

Chris Epping

Got my first engine at age 9 in 1992, so 17 years for me personally. My Dad started collecting in 1966 (year he & Grandad brought home the first oilpull), so he's on his 43rd year. Long time to stay interested in the same thing.


David Tsr

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I purchased my first engine when I was 12 years old for 50 cents, it was an Elgin Half-A-Horse in 1938, I used a Ford coil and I would bum old dry cell batteries form the local telephone co. for ignition. I could get about a gallon of gas for 20 cents and the fellows in the local garage would give enough oil to mix with the gas. I had a lot of fun with that little engine. Since that time I have had many engines of many types and have made many models.
Just last year purchased another little Elgin Half -A -Horse engine - runs just as good as my first one- I am 82 years old and I figure I started with an Elgin and I will end with one. I also have an a Associated Johnny Boy, a Mogul Jr. and many models.
David Tsr


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well lets see here been inthe old cars though my family sice i was born in 1967
got into steam at age of 14 then back into old cars with my own at 16 and drove my model A to high school in the mid
80's traded that for a model T when i went to college
then went to my first engine show about that same time
came home with my first hit miss engine been tinkering with them since since 2000 did a few years with antique tractors
but now just have a few engines as when i sold my house the cars and tractors had to go
my only regret is when i got divorced from my first wife and had to sell my steam engines as well as a few other piece of my collection and to this day have never recoved from that MISTAKE