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Hurricane Michael has forced me to part with my stuff.

Dwayne Fuller

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Very sad to hear this. He helped me several times. I wish I had got to meet him in person. He will be missed.

Paul Spence

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WOW!! What a bummer this is :( . It shouldn't have happened as we never did meet, but did have a few conversations :D . Sometimes life ends unexpectedly and quickly, and that's one good reason I always try to have "FUN" wherever I may be, even in NJ :confused: on the way through. Eldon, you will be missed :salute: . Paul OldIHC #227


Bummer! :( Condolences to the DuRand family.

Wonder what will be done with Elden's site (eldensengines.com)? It's too interesting for it to be sent to the bit bucket... hopefully the family can let someone clean it up a bit and set up a mirror site somewhere.

Gene Fisher

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Two visits to Zolfo i was able to spend some time with Eldon and see his home brew tractor and home made engines. He had a bag of peanuts with him and he shared them with some he visited on his rides around the engine show.
When i got home i remembered i had not told him about the rabbits in the peanuts, so i emailed him and he said he would check it out. I emailed later and he responded he would look and let me know. I don't know if he did but he sent me back a lol.
It will make you a believer about the story of the rabbits in the peanuts if you have a look. Split open the nut carefully and on one half you will see a rabbit sitting there with his/her "want to be gender sensitive" ears up, no joke.
He was a great fellow to visit with.