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DC Light Plants I may have just solved a mystery...

Quite some time ago I asked a simple question here on the Stak............does a Delco Light 850 automatically shut down when the batteries are fully charged? Well, today I decided to give my four 8 volt batteries an equalizing charge. They sit in my shop where the temp is around 30 right now. I had charged them individually with a home built charger about two months ago, but never got around to charging the full set, so I fueled up the 850 and got her started. It puttered away merrily, so I went into the house for some lunch. I occasionally opened the door to make sure it was still running......no problems.

After about 40 minutes I checked again, and hey.......no putt putt! I went out to the shop and tried restarting. Nope, would run about 20 seconds and quit. At that point I finally got out the hydrometer and tested a couple of cells.......in the green. I then put a voltmeter across +/- and got a reading of 34 volts. My conclusion? The plant DOES shut itself down when it senses a higher voltage in the batteries.......or at least, mine does!

Bear in mind, there is no such nugget of information in ANY of the Delco Light literature I have. The instructions tell you how to start the plant, check the oil, etc., but nothing about shut down.

Dale Burkman

When the current {battery charging load} through the start switch drops low enough, it can't hold the start lever up. When the batteries are charged the charging current drops. This releases the start switch and opens the ignition circuit.
Dale, thank you.............I have long suspected that's the way it worked, just couldn't get any verification. The plant's actions tells me I did a pretty good job of winding that inner coil! :)