I would like to charge my E90 with solar


I would like to get 3 12 volt panels and hook them up in series to charge my John Deere E90 by solar power. I found these 2 different 12 volt panels at affordable prices. I have not done much with solar but I want to experiment with it some and may eventually want to setup charging systems for my golf carts.

1 question I should know the answer to but right now I can't remember.Would there be a problem with over charging 3 batterys with these? The batterys I would be charging are Fiamm AGM batterys the size of a group 24 car battery. I also use them in my golf carts.
I like the design of the first set but they are a bit more expensive than the second set I list here. But the wattage is only half.But they are said to put out 85 % of power at 25 years old. I doubt the cheaper 1's below will do that.


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There are a couple of ways to go about charging lead/acid batteries with solar.

If the batteries are not matched in age or condition, do not charge them in series.

Unless the panels have an internal diode, they will discharge the battery in the dark if direct connected.

It's not a good idea to simply connect panels to batteries to charge, even with the diode. Overcharging and battery damage will result.

If all you are doing is charging the mower with the panels, I'd suggest getting three cheap solar charging modules and charging the batteries individually. You can use a multi-conductor plug and socket to easily connect the charger to the mower.

Your batteries will last much longer if you monitor the voltage as you mow so as not to deep cycle them. Even deep cycle batteries suffer from deep cycling.


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My advice is NOT to buy a cheap charge controller, but get one that does legitimate MPPT, as it will make the most of the sunlight, and a good number of them also can be 'tailored' to BOTH specific battery chemistry, AND your desired charge points that you choose for your bank. :wave:
and yes, it is basically a regulator.