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Ideal Diesel muffler


I "found" a free Hyndai stainless steel muffler the other day for the Lister CS but it's much too heavy to hang from the exhaust studs and point up in the air. I'd have to hang it from some sort of external mounting device and connect it to the engine with 2" flex tube. That sort of destroys any semblence of restoration to original. I understand that car mufflers very quickly gum up from diesel exhaust anyway.

Can anyone point me to a small muffler that can be mounted to the engine and point up (with appropriate tee mount to a downward pipe for condensation drainage) in the air that doesn't weigh a ton?


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The best muffler they say Stan, is a hole in the ground the size of a 50 gal drum, lined with the heaviest mesh you can buy (at the scrap yard) and your exhaust inlet and outlet going under a suitably heavy lid with more earth on top.

Chuck Woycke

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if you go to a import compact tractor dealer you will find the muffler you need .do a google search on grey market tractors or compact tractors they all are diesel tractors.many dealers listed-chuck