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Ideal model R Info


Just acquired a little Ideal air cooled mower engine and appears to have some differences to others I’ve seen in my searches. It’s a wico ignition, 12” flywheels making it a 1.5 hp. It has a square cover on the back side. . However, there is no vent in the cover like a lot that I see pics of. There is a tube for ventilation on the pulley side. Also, there is no fuel tank under the base.
Previous owner made up a bracket for a tank on top.

But what’s really odd is there is no govenor system on it. No weight on the flywheel or latch mechanism. Doesn’t appear to ever had it. There’s no hole in the flywheel for the weight. Did they make throttle govenor versions? Original mixer was missing and a Holly NH carb was grafted on. I have it off in the pics. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Andrew Mackey

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Possible someone changed out the flywheel? Al the Rs i have seen were set up hit and miss. If original, there should have been some kind of speed control. Those engines can accellerate until the flywheels explode, or they bust a rod and crank. Not good!:eek: Lunkenheimer did make a throttled mixer but it was manually done at the mixer. Mostly used on marine engines. There would have been no way for load compensation like with the governed engines.


I was considering that but all the paint looks original and matches rest of the engine. Plus there’s no provisions for a shaft for the latch out mechanism. Was thinking maybe a manual adjustment at the mixer for speed. But like you said it wouldn’t have any load compensation except manually. But we have some old Gravely lawn mowers with the same system so guess it could be possible.


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Here is some info on the R model, I have on I'm working on now.
If you have any better info than this please share it, I discovered that what I thought were timing marks were rust pock marks and the timing diagram in the web site wont expand large enough for me to see clearly. Steve