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Identify This Engine 1930's?

Scott W. Taylor

Have not been on in a while. I was up to a scrapyard in Moosup, CT this past weekend and came across this big engine. Looks to me like maybe late 1920s early 1930s because of the bolt on water jacket cover and overall style. Judging from the transmission must have been in a bus or truck. I did not count the cylinders, either six or eight, hard to tell now looking at my pictures. The manifold has "SWAN MANIFOLD" cast in it. Could not get a good look at the driver's side of the engine. Anyone have any ideas?


Sonny Reese

Swan made manifolds for model T too, plus carbs. I found one long manifold and it was for a stutz-bearcat ? car, so in the 20's and early 30's they made a the manifolds and carbs for a lot of different engines of all sizes! Thats all I can find for now. Your pic looks to have been a truck with the hand brake on the transmission.
It kinda looks like Hercules or Wakashaw .


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I think we'll need a better look at the casting marks atop the cylinder head, block, etc., and I wouldn't be surprised if it was sitting on it's other side, to reveal an identity tag. With that big of a transmission, and the shaft brake, a White Mustang, or many other gasoline truck engines of 30's through 50's would not surprise me....