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Ignitor timing on a mogul

Greg Shipley

Need to time a different ignitor on a mogul. I would like to open a discussion on how to properly do this. one question I have is how to properly set the ignitor. I believe it should be slightly open and then close and snap back. Just would like to hear the voices of experience on how to set all this up properly.

Chris Epping

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The rod from the mag holds the points open normally, then they come together just before the mag trips. The recoil of the springs on the mag then opens the points. You only need to time the mag trip and get the rod to the igniter the right length and you should be in business.

Assuming your cam shaft is timed right the only adjustment other than the advance/retard lever is the position of the mag trip finger. Screwing it up or down (or running the screw in and out if you have the later style ignition) is the only timing adjustment since the eccentric is keyed to the shaft. Just make sure your linkage and springs are in order to ratchet properly or you'll break the mag if the engine is turned backwards.
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You say the igniter is open, not on the 4hp mogul, the proper setting is closed and when the igniter trips the points are momentarily opened just as the mag brings the charge. Is the 6hp different?