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IH La 1.5-2.5 speed lever.


Just got my first engine an LA and my question is on the speed lever. between the bolts is the settings for the speed/ throttle but its possible to move the lever past the bolt and run the engine slower. Does it hurt anything to run it like that?

Andrew Mackey

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I just got one myself. I would not put the lever past the stop. Not sure, but it might get tangled up with the governor internally, and cause breakage. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can tell us. I need to remove the head from mine - seems a mouse made a nest in the cylinder. The exhaust valve keeps getting crapped up, so I have to pull the head and clean things out. Anything special I need to do to get the head off? I have heard that the governor needs to be set up in a certain manner -what is the right way? Thanks in advance - Andrew