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IHC E4A Questions

Mike McKnight

Active member
Disassembled an E4A a couple of nights ago to clean up and try to get working again, and have a couple of questions about reassembly-

1) I see there is a timing mark on the big gear that turns off the rotor. Is there a timing mark on the rotor also to line up both gears and time them? I am assuming/hoping so, as I didn’t think to mark the two pieces before I took them apart! :bonk:

2) on the main driven shaft for the rotor, after I got it apart I noticed there are TWO keyways cut into the shaft where the impulse slides on-how do I know which is the correct one??? This one I also didn’t mark!!!:rant:

Forgive my ignorant questions, but this is the first one I have taken apart....I consider it part of the learning curve!

This is the earlier style E4A, with the manual trip on the impulse.



Mike, I have the factory repair manual. I’m away from home at moment. I just rebuilt one a few months back but I don’t remember how I timed it. I’m sure it’s in the manual. I will be home tomorrow night. If you don’t get an answer by then I will get the answer for you.


I haven't worked on an E4A in a year probably. I do not remember if the drive gear is punched. I want to say it is but my memory may be wrong. They put a couple of different point cams on those mags and the keyway to coupling placement is based off that if I'm remembering correctly. Basically the cam is at a different angle thus requiring the drive to be in a different position. If Turbo doesn't get you an answer from his manual, I'll try to find mine or look at an actual mag and respond.


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At least you are gaining knowledge all the time with this project and once back together you will have a nice running engine.
Hind sight is a wonderful thing so a good habbit to get into is to use the camera on your phone and take way too many pics of what you are taking apart for reassembly purposes.
Years ago I rebuilt an engine in a David Brown Cropmaster. I don't know why I did maybe its a habbit but I walways put the engine on TDC before taking it apart. When I took the timing cover off I notice that the 2 timing marks did not align so I made 2 new ones a a referrence. Fortunately I did, as I found out later that the cam gear was replaced and although the correct size and number of teeth came off a diesel model engine and hence the different marks.
So now I always take a heap of pics regardless of what it is I am taking apart, even if I have done dozens of them.
Keep us informed of your progress.