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IHC Model M running problems advice needed


Just re built the top end of a Kent Smith built IHC Model M as I had ignitor problems and a few other issues. All straight forward, bolted it all back together but now the engine will only run choked and I just cannot figure out why. There does not seem to be any air leaks at the mixer, all looks fine and it was put back together as it was before with the exception of the throttle butterfly setting which unfortunately I failed to note it's position before strip down. I'm using the same fuel mix as before so it's not that. Any tips or pointers appreciated as I'm out of ideas....


Have you tried disconnecting the throttle from the governor control arm and running her? If you had it disconnected during the rebuild it may not be reassembled in the same place in relation to butterfly throttle. Best I remember a little adjustment makes a big difference. Use caution don't let her run away. If no air leaks must be lack of fuel if she must be choked to run. Make sure siphon is not trashed up but assume you already checked that.