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IHC Mogul 8hp Stationary Fuel Tank


Hi guys

I'm chasing a fuel tank for an 8hp stationary. I'm not sure if they look like the portable tanks but they are probably different in that the tank on the portable is orientated along the axis of the transport, whereas on the stationary the tank sits across the skids just behind the flywheels. I fully realise I might have to make one - in which case a some measurements and detail pics would be required. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Andrew Mackey

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Try contacting Lee Pederson or John Wonat. They are both here on the Stak. John makes tanks, and I know Lee sells them. They are your best bet unless you make it yourself.

Martin Reed

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As far as I know the tank capacity between a stationary and portable are the same. I am attaching a photo of a stationary engine. The main difference between a stationary and portable tank are as follows.
Castings- if you look at one end of the fuel tank you will see on a portable the castings are at a 6 o'clock (drain) and 10 o'clock (fill and inlet) orientation, that was done so you could fill the tank with the water cooler above you easier. The stationary castings are oriented at the 6 o'clock (drain) and 12 o'clock (position).
There may be more differences that I am not aware of. Good luck! If you need dimensions let me know.



Inter Bloke

Michael, We have an 8HP portable up at the farm and the size of the tank looks the same as the one Martin has posted but from memory the fittings are not. I don't know if he has ever made one but it wouldn't hurt to give John Gilbert a call (John the tankman ) ! John does first class work and I am sure would be able to make the actual tank as well as he does his other tanks, but you may have to source fittings etc elsewhere. If you need the dimension's of the 8HP portables tank I can get my nephew to measure it and send them to you.
Graham in Bunbury

john gilbert

Hi Michael , I have not to date made one of that size and do not have the measurements at all. Sorry I can't help in that regard.
Cheers John


thank you guys for your replies - I've learnt a lot. The hardware could be my problem as I'm sure I could get measurements to make the tinware locally.