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I'm lookin to get this motor appraised and identified any help greatly appreciated


I understand only too well.

In some cultures, the past is quite important, and the sad fact is that for many families, the break is FORCED. The sad fact is that those cultures are strongly persecuted in this country - and you see it in comments like "Letting go of the past" and usually including insulting put downs of "PC" (and racist language is also rather common). At the same time, our children experience persecution if they try to follow their tribe's traditions or not struggle to "pass as white" (still not accepted as equals unless they deliberately hide their heritage, however). Add to that the addictive aspects of Eurocentric culture, and, well, it's easy to loose the past or have BS replace our recorded and documented history (with nobody left to denounce the bullsh*t).

I was lucky to ferret out the history of my own family - which was NOT what had been told to me when I was young, and to even get to know my real grandfather. (I was told that we were of German and English descent, and our ancestors came over in the last 100 years - and didn't know that the man who raised my dad was not my grandfather until I was in my 20s). That (English and German and only here for 100 years) was only PARTIALLY true of only TWO ancestors - the rest of the "bloodlines" had been here for centuries and many "lines" had been here for millenia! I got lucky in being able to re-claim some aspects of my heritage. Since I don't have children, it's unlikely that those things will be passed on, as my nieces and their families have shown little interest in heritage (and may have been taught that being American Indian {with some Norwegian, Scots-Irish, and Jewish ancestors} was something to be ashamed of).

Unfortunately, that also includes their GG grandpa having been a regional sales rep for Associated and that he was at the battle of San Juan Heights, or that their GGG grandfathers served in the Civil war and were wounded in battle, and some of the more interesting tales (told by my mother and grandmother) may vanish.