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Improved Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Machine


We have discovered an Improved Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Machine in the basement of our recently purchased 1849 home, and are looking to sell for a fair price.

The good news: The flywheel turns surprisingly smoothly, and the engine operates as designed, moving the piston up and down as the gears turn. Visibly in good shape, it seems a good candidate for restoration. There is even a spare flywheel, too.

The bad: It appears the water pump is missing, and two of the four legs were sawn off a few inches from the bottom.

The photos tell the story.

I'd be happy for any suggestions on the value of the engine as it is, and suggestions on how to approach the sale.

Anyone interested in this, please message me directly.



Additional pics are attached.

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Forgot to mention:

Engine bore is 6"

Bill Hazzard

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The pump is missing and the legs that are cut off will detract from the value. Complete running engines are in the $7000 range. With the missing parts and cut off legs I think that $3K to $4K would be a fair value. You can advertise on the classifieds on this web site.