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Industrial Iron Works information

Keith B.

Hello all, new to the forum and not sure if this is the correct place to post for information or not.

The Industrial Iron Works, Clinton, Missouri USA were manufactures of gas engines in the 2-20 HP range. Only a few have survived.

I have been collecting information on IIW for about 30 years and while there is not a lot of info there is some out there. It occured to me after coming across this site awile back that there might still be some info yet unkown to me to uncover.

There are 2 gentleman still living that actually worked in the Industrial Iron Works plant, much after engine production but were well aquainted with the owner and pressident of the co. So I thought that there still might be others that know a little something. They had one in the family etc have seen advertising.

The BLB reports that they were know as the Missouri Engines in there time. Anyone know this to be true? The historical record says they were known as " The Industrial".

So any tibits, stories, rumors, thoughts will be welcome.

They were sold regionally as well as the Phillipines and Saudi Arabia, hows that for a story.


Keith B.

Thanks JW, I have most of the Google info, not saying that there isnt something 50,000 pages down. Ted Brookover published several things but I dont always agree with Ted's ideas.

Keith B.

Just wanted to ad a couple of things. Industrial Iron Works had business associations with Barley Brothers out of Sedalia MO, they were manufactures of implaments. And possibly Frank Black hardware out of Kansas City, MO.
Ted Brookover had a advertising cut of a small IIW engine on a pump jack with FBB on the cooling tank.

IIW did general foundry and repair but also made steam engines, saw mills, cast iron store fronts, one of the things still plentiful. And a good deal of equipment for the coal mining industry. Any mining collectors in Missouri?

The rumors suggest that there is still a saw mill in operation some where, last seen in chillicothe Missouri some 30 years ago, was bought and moved.

IIW did business under the name of Pierce and Hall for a short period of time in the late 90's but I have yet to find anything marked that way.

Has anyone ran accross any advertising for Industrial Iron Works? Anyone familiar with "Farm Machinery" magazine of 1907 vintage